Capacity Building

Lead Contact:   Karen Pictou, Executive Director


In 2018, NSNWA received Core funding for the first time in history. Historically, NSNWA has always been a grassroots organization that relied heavily of volunteers, donations and short-term project funding. NSNWA has now received long-term provincial core funding, three years of federal core funding and five years of operational funding from the province for the Jane Paul Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre. NSNWA has received “Capacity Building” funding from Women and Gender Equity Canada to assist us in achieving our capacity building goals.  NSNWA has ambitiously began work to increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness. Over the next three years NSNWA will improve our operational efficiency and standard of service by creating fair, transparent policies and procedures that govern the NSNWA.   

Priority Direction:

  1. Update NSNWA Bylaws
  2. Update NSNWA Human Resources Policy
  3. Update NSNWA Elections Protocols
  4. Create NSNWA Financial Management Policy
  5. Create NSNWA Strategic Plan 2021-2026
  6. Create NSNWA Website and Social Media Sites
  7. Create Communications Strategy
  8. Secure long-term federal core funding (Ends 2021)
  9. Secure new Office Building/Resiliency Centre
  10. Build capacity within Local NSNWA Chapters- secure operational funding, adopt chapter bylaws, register with joint stocks, set up bank accounts etc.