Domestic Violence Prevention

Lead Contact: charmaine denny, Sexualized Violence Prevention coordinator


Domestic violence continues to remain hidden and Mi’kmaq women still feel stigmatized, blamed and fear the consequences of reporting. Preventing domestic violence is a shared responsibility of the collective community. Mi’kmaq communities have unique challenges when addressing domestic violence.  Often in our community’s women do not report violence unless it is an extreme life or death situation. Restorative approaches are needed to address domestic violence in our communities. Mobilizing communities to be actively engaged in addressing violence is imperative to achieve our long-term goal of ending domestic violence.


NSNWA Priority Direction:

  1. Provide emergency assistance to individuals fleeing abusive relationships
  2. Mobilize community systems of support and prevention
  3. Build NSNWA Resiliency Centre
  4. Implement the MMIWG Calls for Justice
  5. Build partnerships with other service providers to mobilize support systems for Indigenous women, girls, 2SLGBTQQIA and their families
  6. Address gaps in services specific to men and boys and 2SLGBTQQIA community members
  7. Utilize Mi’kmaq language, teachings, culture and spirituality to restore health and balance to our communities, families and people.
  8. Host Gathering for 2SLGBTQQIA Youth: Mobilizing community within community circle of support.
  9. Participation in the development of the Mi’kmaq Child Welfare Law
  10. Participate in the development of policies and programs that impact Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA of Nova Scotia on and off reserve, status and non-status
  11. Provide domestic violence prevention supports and services at the Jane Paul Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre
  12. Hire a MMIWG Prevention Coordinator for the NSNWA in June 2020


Recent Activities:

  • Men’s Gathering Report
  • Grandmothers Have Spoken Grandmothers are Gathering report
  • Advisory Committee Meeting: Prevention of Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls