Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU)

Contact:   Chantel robinson, interim filu coordinator

The Family Information Liaison Unit, is a support service for families and loved ones of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, inclusive of missing and murdered transgendered women and two-spirit individuals. The units are intended to assist families in accessing available information about their missing or murdered loved one from government sources. The units provide a critical infrastructure to gather and share up-to-date information, ensuring the varied information needs o family members are addressed and responded to in a coordinated, culturally safe and trauma informed manner. In addition, the unit will ensure that families have knowledge of the existing networks and programs in place to assist and support them, including financial programs and health and wellness services.

How We Can Help:
  • What kinds of information we can help with:
    • General information about the criminal justice system
    • Specific information about the status of the investigation or prosecution
    • Information about services and resources available to help deal with trauma
    • Answers to outstanding questions about the decisions made by health services, social services, child and family services and police services related to your loved one. 
    • Policies guiding the provincial medical examiner’s office
    • Information on how to file a complaint or report allegations of misconduct.
  • What we cannot help with: 
    • We cannot participate in investigations
    • We cannot give legal advice
    • We cannot help with legal action
    • We cannot participate in legal proceedings
    • We cannot participate in the Inquiry
    • We cannot provide a legal remedy for families.